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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss services offered in The Lakes, Las Vegas, NV

Weight loss is hard, and no single method works for all. At Pollard Concierge Health & Wellness in The Lakes neighborhood of Las Vegas, Nevada, Anthony Pollard, DO, and Carol Haase, DO provide personalized weight loss, with programs that help you lose weight quickly, including new technology like Ozempic to help curb cravings. To find out more about weight loss with this highly experienced board-certified osteopathic physician, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Program Overview

Weight loss is hard - that's why we do it differently

We recognize that losing weight is one of the of the more difficult activities that you can undertake to improve your health.  That is why we prepare your body to lose weight prior to any caloric restriction, by optimizing your overall state of health and focus on the other areas where you may have unknowingly sabotaged your weight efforts in the past.  During the first few weeks of your personalized journey, we work to improve your gut health, increase your water intake, customize your supplementation to maximize performance, and ensure you are getting enough quality sleep which is necessary to keep the hunger and satiety hormones (ghrelin and leptin) in check, and to also reduce stress hormones like Cortisol, which has been shown to increase both insulin resistance and fat storage.

Once this is done, we develop a personalized nutrition plan at a reduced caloric level that best suits your needs, whether that be the Mediterranean Diet, Keto, or Intermittent Fasting, and work to get you eating three small meals with three snacks such that your body does not go into "starvation mode".  If you feel you need a crutch like Ozempic (or any of the GLP-1s) because of a strong hunger response, or a pre-packaged nutrition plan because extensive food preparation doesn't fit with your busy lifestyle, we have a plan for you.  If this sounds like what you're looking for, call, text, or schedule an introductory meeting with our team of physicians and we can get more background to give you a more detailed view of the type of plan that is right for you.

What happens during a consultation for weight loss?

Your doctor will conduct a thorough evaluation when you come in for a weight loss consultation. He/she first explains his philosophy on health and asks about your concerns and goals.

Your doctor then takes a thorough health history and completes a physical exam. He/she also orders diagnostic tests that provide valuable information about your body’s physiology. Testing may include:

  • Body composition analysis
  • Lab work to check hormone and nutrient levels
  • Food sensitivity / allergy screening
  • Health screenings to check for underlying diseases

Your physician will use the information to create your personalized weight loss plan, emphasizing the safest treatment, health habits, and behaviors necessary to live a more rejuvenated and healthy life.

What tools help with weight loss?

Pollard Concierge Health & Wellness uses many tools to support weight loss. Some of these tools include:

Diet counseling

Pollard Concierge Health & Wellness provides diet counseling on the paleo and Mediterranean styles of eating. 


Pollard Concierge Health & Wellness can provide GLP-1 medication (Ozempic/Semiglutide) to help get you started on your journey and accelerate the weight loss.  There are other medications that can help with cravings as well, it just requires a consult with our team of physicians to determine which best suits your needs and goals.

Pre-packaged meal program

The family medicine practice offers a program with pre-packaged foods for those who want rapid weight loss or need the extra structure to get to the weight they desire.

Nutrition supplements

Pollard Concierge Health & Wellness offers high-grade nutritional supplements to support health and assist in weight loss. Pollard Concierge also provides lipotropic injections, which may boost metabolism and burn fat, and intravenous (IV) nutrition therapy.

Fitness training

Movement is important for weight management and health. Our doctors do a fitness evaluation and provides fitness training. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement

Hormone imbalance can affect weight and weight loss. Our doctors use bioidentical hormone replacement to customize formulas that match your hormonal needs, restoring balance.

For professional weight loss help, call Pollard Concierge Health & Wellness or schedule an appointment online today.

Dr. Anthony Pollard - DO
Dr. Anthony Pollard - DO