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Osteoarthritis services offered in The Lakes, Las Vegas, NV

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative type of arthritis that causes joint pain and stiffness. Anthony Pollard, DO, at Pollard Concierge Health & Wellness in The Lakes neighborhood of Las Vegas, Nevada, is a fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine who offers innovative treatments for osteoarthritis, helping you overcome the pain and degenerative nature of the condition. To find out more about treatments for osteoarthritis at Pollard Concierge Health & Wellness, call or book online today.

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, also called degenerative joint disease (DJD), is a type of arthritis that occurs from the gradual wearing away of the cartilage that cushions joints. It’s the most common type of arthritis, affecting the hands, hips, knees, neck, and lower back. 

Your joints form the connection between two or more bones and support much of your body’s mobility. The slippery, smooth cartilage that covers the ends of the bones of the joints allows the bones to glide easily over each other during movement. As you get older, this cartilage wears down and gets rough, affecting joint mobility.

When all the cartilage wears away, the bones rub together, causing inflammation and pain. Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that worsens over time. Dr. Pollard specializes in improving your present health and preventing age-related disorders like osteoarthritis. 

What are the symptoms of osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis affects everyone differently, and not everyone has pain. Common symptoms of osteoarthritis include:

  • Joint pain during movement
  • Joint stiffness
  • Decrease in joint range of motion
  • Swelling and inflammation in the joint
  • Joint instability

Initially, symptoms start out mild. But osteoarthritis is a progessive condition, and symptoms tend to worsen, especially when left untreated. If you have osteoarthritis, whether your symptoms are mild or severe, Dr. Pollard can help slow down the progression of your disease. 

What can I expect during an osteoarthritis evaluation?

You can expect a patient-centered exam when you visit Pollard Concierge Health & Wellness for an osteoarthritis evaluation. Dr. Pollard takes a thorough history and does a physical exam, paying close attention to the affected joint. He may also ask you to complete a lifestyle questionnaire.

Dr. Pollard then orders diagnostic tests, such as lab work, X-rays, and DNA testing, providing him with valuable information about your body’s physiology and current state of health. 

What treatments can help osteoarthritis?

Dr. Pollard uses the information he gathers during your initial evaluation to customize your osteoarthritis treatment plan. His primary treatment for osteoarthritis is the use of exosomes, which are tiny sacs made in your cells that contain information about the cell’s proteins, DNA, and RNA. 

Exosomes may reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and restore joint cartilage. Dr. Pollard uses exosomes for osteoarthritis to help your body naturally overcome the pain and degenerative nature of the disease. 

Dr. Pollard also uses traditional pharmacological interventions for osteoarthritis when necessary.

For a proactive approach to aging and osteoarthritis, call Pollard Concierge Health & Wellness or schedule an appointment online today.

Dr. Anthony Pollard - DO
Dr. Anthony Pollard - DO